Titan Series Flecked Blue, Flecked Rust - Flecked Gray Backgammon Set. 50mm (2") Orange and White Checkers. 8 Precision Dice & Heavy duty carry bag included.

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Flecked blue Merino wool surface with flecked rust and flecked gray inlaid wool points.

High quality textured black leatherette cover.

Chrome hinges, corner protectors and combination lock spring latches.

Open Dimensions = 640mm x 800mm x 40mm.

Closed Dimension = 640mm x 400mm x 80mm.

Checkers = 50mm x 11mm, approximately 26 grams.

8 ball cornered precision dice. Ideal for backgammon. 4 - 1/2 inch dice and 4 - 5/8 inch dice. Tell us your dice color choices in the customers comments area of the shopping cart when you check out, or send us an email.

4 dice cups - 2 large oval with trip lips and 2 small round cups.

4 corner pockets for doubling cubes.

40mm doubling cube.

Heavy duty canvas carry case.